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How Miley stole the show at the 2014 VMAs

Miley gave us one of the most memorable VMA moments again, and she didn't even have to speak
Photo by Jason Merritt

This week, you will hear all about Miley Cyrus in the news again. Starting with Sunday night’s VMAs, and then again on Tuesday night on the series finale of Chelsea Lately on E! Some may be annoyed when Miley is everywhere, but what’s better to hear about pop stars or riots? In 2013, we had CNN debating about twerking instead of politics and the dangers in the world. It was just fun. Yes, most news sources decided that Miley was in fact a “danger to society” and needed to be “stopped,” but in all honesty, for about six months, Cyrus took the common folks’ minds off of the real dangers of the world and put the focus on her and our “sex culture.” Was it really such a bad thing? This year at the VMAs, Cyrus stole the show again, but by simply staying in her seat.

At the 2014 VMAs, Miley was tame. There were no special performances, and no crazy antics. The talk of the internet was, however, Miley’s reaction to Taylor Swift’s performance of “Shake It Off,” where Cyrus was grinning, most likely wondering what the hell was going on in front of her eyes. This mirrored the reaction of many to Cyrus’ own performance in 2013.

As a side note, Taylor Swift’s 2014 performance was about as messy as Miley’s 2013 show stopping moment. The stage was busy. There was no great music happening. It was simply a spectacle. The only problem is that Swift probably didn’t mean for it to be as such. Some sources are claiming Miley was “throwing shade” at the country crossover star, but we beg to differ. Swift’s performance was pretty bad, and it stands to reason that many famous guests in the audience were ready to “shake” Swift off.

Miley won the coveted “Video of the Year” award for Wrecking Ball. Instead of accepting the award herself, she sent her date, who was a teen named Jesse. Cyrus has been bringing awareness to My Friend’s Place, A Los Angeles based organization that inspires homeless youth to build self-sufficient lives. Jesse, with Jimmy Fallon at his side, nervously read off of the small piece of paper he had prepared:

"I am accepting this award on behalf of the 1.6 million runaways and homeless youth in the United States who are starving, lost and scared for their lives right now. I know this because I'm one of these people. I have survived in shelters all over the city. I have cleaned your hotel rooms, I have been an extra in your movies, I have been an extra in your life. Though I have been invisible to you on the streets, I have a lot of the same dreams that brought many of you here tonight. Los Angeles, entertainment capital, has the largest population of homeless youth in America. The music industry will make over $7 billion this year and outside these doors are 54,000 human beings who have no place to call home. If you want to make powerful change in the world right now, please join us and go to Miley's Facebook page. “A dream you dream alone is only a dream, but a dream you dream together is reality.” Thank you so much for your time."

Last year, Miley had a special on MTV entitled, “Miley: The Movement.” This is all certainly part of “the movement.” Now that Cyrus has everyone’s attention, she’s definitely putting it to good use.

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