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How materialistic are you?

How materialistic are you?
How materialistic are you?

When it comes to the size of the ring you receive at the time of your proposal would you say that in this case size does matter?

Let's say you have been single for some time and one of your friends decides you should meet one of her old friends that she went to school with. At first you are a little hesitant and reluctant. You turn her down not once but twice and you try to avoid her just in case she wants to ask you to meet him again. Finally you give in and say yes.

Once you meet him and go out on a couple of dates you realize, this is a really great guy.

After a year or so of dating he decides to propose. You have no clue what he is about to do then all of a sudden he pops the question and takes out a ring. Once he open the box you look at the ring and the band of diamonds that is so small you can barely see them. At this point, what would you do?

Would you be happy because of the fact that this great guy decided that you are the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with? Would you accept the ring with joy despite the fact you can hardly see the diamonds?

Or, are you the type of woman that despite the fact he is a nice guy you would look at the ring and allow the disappointment to show all over your face? Would he instantly know that you are not happy with what you see? As a result of not being happy would you take the ring anyway because you don't want to hurt his feelings and some how get over it? Would you hold it against him and eventually break up with him because of the size of the ring?

If you are the one who would break up because of the size of the ring, silly you. You failed the test. This great guy has another ring he was holding back because he was just making sure that no matter what you were with him for him and not for the material things he could provide.

Ladies, if you were in this situation, what would you do?