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How Many Projects Are Too Many Projects

Project Lifecycle and project size
Project Lifecycle and project size and PMBOK Guide


  • Bruce de la Vega 5 years ago

    Consider the need for research, training and unknown numbers of cycles of experimentation.

  • ALZAIBAR 5 years ago

    Stating the obvious: Consider also the Projects Locations and "Customer" diversity and Project follow-up requirements.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Good representations
    is any rules govern limits of projects with project managers!

  • Hepzi Leon Soon 5 years ago

    Good analysis.

    The following list (must) always saves me:
    Documentation (document, document, document....)
    Meticulous Budgeting & Costing (tracking) for WBS
    stick to scope
    good team to back you up

  • Stephan Agnitsch PMPr 5 years ago

    This article, as many do, hits on many of the points that can lead to project failure, or on a positive note, project success. Quite frankly, after commenting on so many articles like this, and dont get me worng, they do need discussion and action, I feel as though my comments are very repetitive on most all subjects regarding PM.

    having specialized in "troubled projects" for more than 22 years out of my 37 year PM career i tend to provide a simple answer, the same i use with students in my classes. Here it is: PROJECTS SUCCEED OR FAIL, IN MOST ALL CASES, IN THE FIRST 10% OF THE PROJECT CYCLE. in other words, if you are embarking on say, a 48 month project, the work that is done by the conceptual and feasibility team, and very importantly, the OBJECTIVES that are set for time, cost and quality are either right or wrong, and this is what the project is judged, rated, or assessed against when all is said and done.

    20 more pages of discussion would just be filling in the details of all the other things that can go wrong.


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