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How many pounds of pennies it takes to pay off OK. college student’s tuition?

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There is a certain method to the massive number of pennies that one Oklahoma college student laid at the feet for his final tuition payment. How many pounds you might ask? At least over 500 pounds were carted and wheeled in by Southwestern Christian University senior Andrew Magbee paid his final $974.17 school tuition bill in pennies, according to Fox News Insider.

What was he thinking besides “I have a lot of loose change I have to get rid of!” Not really, but this former college senior actually has a much more significant message that even President Obama and his welfare state policy focus should take copious notes on.

He wanted to graduate from college completely debt free because and be the one of the three in 10 students that leave college without financial strings attached for years to come. It was of course hard going for the college student and the estimated 100,0000 pennies represented “anything from collecting aluminum cans to opening a sub shop, and even mowing lawns,” reported Fox News Insider.

There is another message that the president and his 17 trillion dollar movable debt ceiling, that literally every penny matters.

For those other college students and college students to be this fall semester Magbee shares this advice, “That cutting lawns and doing other similar jobs matter and that working hard counts!”


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