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How many more excuses are you going to lie to yourself about not exercising?

NEWO Founder, Jonathan Roche
NEWO Founder, Jonathan Roche

You don’t need me or anyone else to tell you the benefits of exercise. Pick up any newspaper or magazine, or just watch the news. We are bombarded daily with the importance of a balanced lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and exercise. Almost daily, we learn about more benefits to exercise. So, while the number of excuses is infinite, you only get one chance at life. Are you shortening yours or extending it so you can live life to the fullest?

Your health is THE most important thing in my life. If you don’t have your health, you can’t take care of yourself or your family. Period. If your excuse is that you do not have time or the gym is too expensive and too far away, then I invite you to consider an exercise program that you can do any time—it is not dependent on the weather or a gym membership. The truth is: If you have time to watch TV or play on Facebook, you have time to exercise. This the NEWO mantra.

So, what is this program? It is an exercise program run online, with real coaches, and a realistic approach to living a healthy lifestyle. Jonathan Roche, the founder of the No Excuses Workout (NEWO) program, practices what he preaches. He is an award-winning fitness expert, and has run marathons, the Ironman, and more. If money is tight, then consider the free component to the NEWO workouts, with 80,000 members participating, with daily missions and coaching.

But for a fun exercise workout, plus tons of coaching, why not try out the boot camp program—8 weeks for $97 (limited enrollment for each session). You can exercise to the live airing or, depending on your schedule, get your exercise in later with the recording. There is also an online tracking system to record your weight (with a great graphic to track your weight) and workouts. And, there is a whole lot more, such as how to avoid that negative voice, how to be successful one day at a time with your workouts, and more. There is no special diet to follow (does anyone not know what a healthy diet consists of?), and there are weekly radio shows where you can call in with your health and nutrition questions and speak to the coaches live. You can email each of the coaches and receive a real response. This weight watcher recently attended a NEWO Boot Camp Weekend Retreat, with 42 others, in Colorado. What a fun weekend that was, with exercise and classes on various aspects of healthy living, plus a mountain hike. And it was a treat to meet all the coaches in person.

With a little over 9 weeks to go in the year, wouldn’t it be nice to lose just nine pounds? That’s all. People want to lose big and lose it fast. The problem with that is you gain big back, too, and learn nothing about what living healthy is all about. Why not start now to change your “excuses” attitude to one of just losing one pound a week through a simple but effective exercise workout and healthy eating? The next boot camp starts November 4. The cost is just $12 a week, the price of three lattes or one meal eaten out. Click here for information on Boot Camp 17, and begin losing weight in the privacy of your own home, on your schedule, in just 30 minutes a day (one rest day a week).

There is no possible excuse for you to not be exercising--none! Once you get into a daily routine, it is easier to stay with it, too.

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