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How many grounds is the right amount to make a perfectly balanced cup of coffee?

Measure your coffee beans with accuracy!
Measure your coffee beans with accuracy!
Keith A. Little

Many people like their coffee a little stronger, and that is ok.  You, on the other hand, like that perfect balance of flavor, which doesn't leave the coffee too bitter for your more sensitive tongue.  This article is for you.

These measurements may not be exact on all coffee pots, but you will surely know it you have used your coffee pot more than once.  The golden rule is for every mug of water you put in your coffee pot, you want to add one teaspoon of beans.

Every mug holds about 12 ounces of liquid.  Most coffee pots have measurements on the side of the pot that have a count on how many cups of water or coffee you have.  Most of these measurements are based on a 6 ounce cup system.

This would make your measurement for your beans be, one teaspoon of beans for every two 6 ounce cups for the measurement on the side of your coffee pot.  This can be very confusing, but once you try it a couple of times, you will be fine.

Look at some other articles listed below for some great coffee blends to try that are made here in the USA.


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