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How many calories should you consume?

Round and Round the Calorie Go-Round Where to Stop Nobody Knows
Round and Round the Calorie Go-Round Where to Stop Nobody Knows
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The age old question, "How many calories should I eat to ________", you fill in the blank (lose weight, gain weight,etc.). I am going to answer it once and for all, but first I am going to  ask you a few questions.

  • Are you a bodybuilder or figure competitor?
  • Are you involved with a body weight categorized sport?
  • Are you pregnant or lactating?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above than this article is not for you. If your answer is no to all of these questions then I have your answer.  As a matter of fact I have the magic bullet for optimal health and weight loss, true statement.

Now, what I am going to tell you may shock you a wee little bit, but listen up and continue to read.


Until you implement the healthy nutrition habits below.

The reality is every "diet" out there restricts our food intake by restricting calories. Restriction is a four letter word in my book. I loathe being restricted of anything I want, so why in the sam smell would I want to restrict the food that I love so much? I wouldn't so don't tell me to do so.

However, obviously you do need to pr want to do something drastic with your body and health
or you wouldn't be reading this article, but I like to refer to this much the same as fitness expert Charles Poliquin does as a love for yourself. See his article titled "The Myth of Discipline".

So before you even worry about the headache of counting every single calorie of food you put into your body implement the following nutrition strategies until they become habits. You will notice drastic improvements in your energy, fat loss, strength, and the list goes on.

  1. Eat a Vegetable and Protein source every 3 to 4 hours
  2. Drink 0.6 - 0.7 ounces of water per pound of bodyweight daily
  3. Eat your unsaturated fats - Olive Oil, avocados, nuts, fish, etc.
  4. Eat within 15 minutes of waking
  5. Eat your starchy carbs like yams and grains after a training session
  6. Do not let another over processed, pulverized, nutrient sapped food touch your lips
  7. Drink only 0 calorie beverages like green tea, water, and black coffee
  8. Supplement with a high quality whole food multi vitamin like Progrades VGF+ 25
  9. Supplement with a high quality omega-3 supplement like Prograds EFA Icon
  10. Consume a post workout shake within 10 minutes of completing your training sessionthat is composed of a fast absorbing protein such as whey and fast acting carbs (sugars). Chocolate milk is a great option here if you don't want to spend the money on supplements
  11. Keep a food journal of what time you eat and what you eat. No need to track calories until you have the above habits engrained into your everyday life.
  12. Adhere to these habits 90% of the time

There you have it -12 nutrition habits that will transform you body so that you will look healthy and feel satisfied. The good part is you don't even have to follow them 100% of  the time. 90% compliance will get you phenomenal results, however you fall below that
magic 90% and your results will fall off significantly.

You must change your habits to change your life. You must improve what you are currently doing to get what you don't currently have.

Now, come back to me when you have done the above 12 habits for at least 3 months and we can worry
about caloric consumption if we need to (Hint: we won't need to).

When we eat enough vegetables and protein we become full much faster and stay full much longer. This
fullness will help to squash a good portion of junk food consumption.


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