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How many calories are in Wisconsin's favorite restaurant entrées

This Olive Garden alfredo  dish rakes in a whopping 1420 calories!
This Olive Garden alfredo dish rakes in a whopping 1420 calories!
Olive garden

Many restaurants and fast food chains have become much more adaptable to the healthy lifestyle over the past decade. Most places now have healthy options on the menu and not just greasy, high-calorie foods. Restaurants, like Applebee's, even have Weight Watchers meals on their menu for those looking to dine out, but not bulk up their waistlines. But how do we know how good or bad dishes are when the nutrition facts aren't given on the menu?

Do your research. Before going out, search online for restaurant menus.  Once you find a dish you can check out the numerous online calorie counters that can tell you exactly how much a serving size should be and all the nutrition facts for that particular dish. Listed below are just some examples of  bad choices and better alternative dishes when dining out at some of Wisconsin's favorite restaurants.

Olive Garden:
Bad choice: Tour of Italy. This delectable dish allows the diner to sample a taste of 3 dishes, Lasagna, Fettuccini Alfredo, and Chicken Parmesan. This dish is loaded with a whopping 1450 calories! Don't forget that one breadstick is 150 calories and that salad is 210. That's just about the recommended calories for an entire day!
Better choice: If you're still craving a bit of pasta and chicken, try the Chicken Giardino instead. This dish is a scrumptious array of pasta, chicken, and veggies with only 408 calories per serving!

Bad choice: Boneless Buffalo wings with blue cheese dressing. This dish takes the cake with a total of 1724 calories and 132g of fat.
Better choice: Still craving spicy chicken? Try the Applebee's Confetti Chicken entrée instead. This dish is a collection of delicious flavors complete with grilled chicken and salsa ranch sauce over rice. You also get a side of fresh steamed veggies for only 370 calories a plate!

Red Lobster:
Bad Choice: Crab Alfredo.
While delicious, this dish rakes in a total of 1170 calories and 33g of fat. Don't forget those delicious Cheddar Bay Biscuits are 150 calories each!
Better choice: Had your heart set on the Crab Alfredo? Order the half portion instead! This reduces the calories to 560 and 25g of fat.

Texas Roadhouse:
Bad choice:
Craving dessert and decide to opt for the Big 'ol Brownie? Better think again. This dessert packs in a total of 880 calories and 27g of fat!
Better choice: To satisfy your sweet tooth, try the Granny's Apple Classic instead. This dessert is only 158 calories!

TGI Fridays:
Bad choice
: Think you're being healthy by ordering a salad? Watch out for the Cobb salad! This meal packs in 1245 calories and 101g of fat!
Better Choice: Instead, try the Mediterranean Chicken salad. This meal has 425 calories and 12g of fat.

Want to see nutrition facts for other restaurant favorites? Click here!


  • Sarah 5 years ago

    Wow, I wont be eating the brownies at Texas Roadhouse again!!

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