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How lying has destroyed a nation

If there were only one liar in the country, that person might be ostracized for their shady business practices, false advertising, stealing of government funds, cheating in school and many other lies. However, there is not just one liar, but liars at every turn. I just returned from a public disaster relief meeting wondering why our government representative could not just visit all 30 or so houses affected by floods in our area, and on his authority ask for relief funds. But no, that is not the way it is done. That would be too efficient. That would save too many useless layers of bureaucracy. That would actually give people immediate relief instead of having them wait anxiously for relief that at best seems only a glimmer of hope.

So, who is to blame? The media lies by saying that the government is to blame and we believe them. Government representatives are the victims of our anger as we look for a scapegoat. But the truth is that we are all to blame. We are a nation with too many liars. This has led to a trust deficit, meaning we require documentation, proof.

Somewhere in the past, a home owner made a false claim. They lied and we have to pay for it now because the government needs documentation.

Sometime in the past, a government official paid a false claim for a cut of the funds. They lied and we have to pay for it now because the government needs documented proof.

Somewhere in the past a government official was falsely accused by claimants. They lied and we have to pay for it because officials need to protect themselves against false accusations, with documentary proof.

Somewhere in a past disaster a con artist took advantage of a suffering home owner and made their suffering even worse. They lied and because of such evil elements in our society, we need documentation of who is who and proof at every step.

Imagine a world where lies were rare. It's hard to imagine a government official assessing a disaster on the spot and writing a check out immediately without reams of paperwork. What a wonderful thing that would be. We don't live in such a world because we have too many people who have chosen to be liars, liars in business, liars in advertising, liars in government, liars in scientific conclusions, liars in medicine, liars in the food industry, liars in education and liars in the news media.

Imagine a nation that decided overnight to stop lying. Imagine how much more quickly people could be helped in a disaster.

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