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How low voter turnout can be a good thing

For decades, liberals and progressives and the “civic minded” goody two shoes types always lamented about low voter turnout in our elections and said, without ever giving a good reason for the argument, that higher voter turnout is a good thing and efforts to increase voter turnout should be undertaken. So the far left did everything in it's power, short of making voting mandatory, to get higher percentages of voters to the polls. They focused mostly on voter registration, making it easier to register, allowing voters to register almost anywhere at any time, and allowing just about anyone to register them.

ACORN - the left-wing organization that engaged in massive voter fraud
Breitbart News

Democrats passed the so-called “motor voter” legislation which they said would let people register to vote at the DMV when they renewed the drivers licenses, but it lead to voter registrations in place like welfare offices so liberal Democrats would trade welfare EBT cards for Democrat voter registration cards. It let anyone register a voter and turn in the forms, so we got the ACORN fraudulent voter registrations scandal, and many bogus voters on the roles. Even the starting line up of the Dallas Cowboys were all registered voters in Las Vegas. Those bogus voters are useful to the left, because as James O'Keefe showed with his reporting about how voters are not asked for ID, anyone can walk into the polls and vote for those bogus voters. So the far left has loosened the rule to make it easy to commit massive voter fraud. Bingo, suddenly we have high voter turnout. In some heavily Democrats counties, they had more voters registered than were eligible.

So you can see, when high voter turnout bring more voter fraud to the polls, it is not a good thing. The other factor that has occurred, in our last few elections, as a result of these efforts, is the rise of low-information voters. These are real people who, traditionally didn't care enough about politics, to vote. Lately they've been heavily manipulated by the lies of the left, and in their ignorance, low-information voters overwhelmingly vote Democrat. Having more low-information voters, who vote Democrat just because they're told to by the media and the Democrats, only helps the far left by electing more Democrats.

Ideally, we'd have all voters being very well educated and informed of the issues, and vote on election day. If that happened, we'd see more conservative and Republican candidates winnig by landslide margins on election day. But short of that, the ignorant voters can stay home and let elections be decided by voters who actually have a clue. It would be much better for the country over all if only informed voters turned out on election day. And real voters, no more dead voter and clones the Democrats use to stuff the ballot boxes.

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