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How long does it take to find a job?

Job Hunting
Job Hunting
Job Hunting

The job hunting process in today's economy may take a little longer then you expected.  But don't give up on your search, you must continue to maintain a positive attitude to find that right position. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics  can be a wealth of information for job hunters  to review the statistics of job opportunities in many fields.  This site can help you determine the projections for job growth and  information related to your field.  With many consumers switching careers now, this is a great source of job information prepared by the government..

Depending of what type of a position you are looking for will determine the length of time to find that job.  The average job hunting search takes 3-6 months, but can be shorter or longer based on your salary.  For example, a upper management position could take longer to find then a position as a Retail Clerk.

Some people are opting for temporary jobs while they continue their search for the right job.  Others are taking a position that is less pay because they need to work asap.  Make sure your job hunting skills are strong and diversified.  If you need assistance with a resume or job hunting tips contact,


  • Tom 4 years ago

    It takes less time now to create your own job then it does to get hired. Check out http: //www. docspress .com for step by step instructions on creating your own job. I have done it a couple of times over the years. It isn't so hard when you know what you are doing, and it is a lot faster than standing in the interview line, if you can get in that is.