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How long does eyelash tinting last?

Eyelashes play a major role in making your eyes stand out and adding an overall glamorous look to your face. That is why almost every woman alive wants to have beautiful attractive eyelashes that match her hair color and look thick and luscious. Women who dye their hair and eyebrows face the major problem of mismatched eyelashes color so they use different techniques and eyelash enhancers. Applying colored mascara can never create that even look which a natural shade of lashes can. So this problem became a nuisance for many women around the world, but luckily for them a solution has arrived in the form of lash tinting.

What is Eyelash Tinting?

Working as eyelash enhancers, eyelash tinting is a process in which the eyelash is dyed in a color of your choice to make it look noticeable. However, eyelash tinting is not a child's play; you cannot just use your regular dye to get the job done; it is a specialist's job and requires expertise because the main concern is eye safety.

The eyelash is tinted depending on your skin type and hair color, which means you can choose any color for your eyelashes. Eyelash tinting saves your eyelashes by allowing you to minimize the use of eyelash enhancers, and gives your eyelashes a better look. Eyelash tinting has become quite popular around the world because it takes away the problematic "solution" of applying mascara daily, which consequently helps to prevent your eyelashes from become stiff and weak due to heavy mascara.

How Eyelash Tinting Works

Eyelash tinting is not a very hard and time taking process; it takes about half an hour. It is advised that you should not use any artificial hair color on your eyelashes for at least one week before the procedure, because the color might react with the dye and cause damage or infection to your skin.

The first step during this process is cleaning; the eyelashes are washed with mild soap. A vegetable dye mixed with certain chemicals is used in this process so there is a chance it might act as an irritant for the skin. To take care of this irritation Vaseline is used for the protection of your skin. This way even if the dye gets on the skin, the Vaseline protects it. In addition to Vaseline, a pad is also used for protection which is placed under the bottom eyelash. The dye is then applied on your eyelashes with eyes closed. This dye is not permanent so it will wear off after some time, just like other dyes.

The dye is left on the eyelashes for almost seven minutes and after that your lashes are coated with another layer for another seven minutes. When the solution dries up, the pad is removed and the eyelashes are cleaned with wet cotton to make sure no residue is left that might be harmful for the eyes. This whole process takes about 20 minutes.

When does it work best?

The main purpose of getting eyelash tint is to use it as eyelash enhancers to give your eyelashes a prominent color. It is best for people who have light eyelashes, especially blondes, because it makes your lashes look darker. There are a few people who have dark eyelashes, but they fade from the tips. Getting eyelash tint will definitely solve this problem. All those ladies who don't have enough time for putting on mascara regularly or don't like using eyelash enhancers can take full advantage of eyelash tinting.

How long does the tint last?

Your eyelash tint lasts for about 4 to 6 weeks; however this period can be made longer by taking care of the dye. It is best to avoid all moisturizers, oil and eye creams because they make the color fade away very quickly, but as far as makeup is concerned, it's ok to use pencils and mascara. This can increase the life of dye from 2-3 weeks.

What are the cons of eyelash tinting?

There are still no FDA approved formulas for the dye that is used in eyelash or eyebrow tinting, therefore, every salon has its own formula for tinting. It is important to know what ingredients are being used in the dye because your beautician might be using something that can have an allergic reaction. It is also advised by dermatologists that you should get tested for allergies and then notify your salon about them. Other than this, tinting is absolutely safe option because the dye which is used in this process does not lead to blindness or any other danger.

Eyelash tinting vs. eyelash enhancers
People use eyelash enhancers in order to have long visible eyelashes. These enhancers are best for those who do not have long lashes. If you have long and extremely light colored lashes then eyelash enhancers might not work for you. In this situation you should go for eyelash tinting instead of buying different eyelash enhancers.

Eyelash tinting has solved a huge problem for many women. It allows you to stop wasting money and time on applying mascara daily and helps you to have a natural look. You don't have to worry about tears or rain washing away your mascara as well, tinting just stays there, no matter what. Eyelash tinting is not that expensive either, which makes it an option that you can go for more than once.

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