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How long commutes affect health examined in Pocono study

Beth Taylor, a former commuter from the Poconos, will examine how long work travel affects the health on the individuals making them for her doctoral research project at Marywood University in Scranton, PA.

The focus of the study will go beyond the actual health of the travelers, and concentrate on the behavioral aspects of long-commuters. Are those individuals more inclined to have a poor diet and lack of exercise? Does a long commute, limit how much one can see a doctor? These are the type of questions that will be asked, examined, and discussed for the project.

Taylor, who is going for a doctorate in human development, will use her own experiences as a former long-commuter as a basis for the study. Additionally she has performed extensive research on this group, but feels that there is little information on the unhealthy aspects of long commutes.

The objective of the research project is to promote better health and build programs that allow for this objective to be reached.

The initial study will examine riders and drivers from Monroe County that travel by bus at least 90 minutes one way to their work destination. Qualified participants must have performed this commute for over one year, and not have the ability to telecommute or access to a flexible work arrangement.

Martz Trailways sent an email about the study to the riders from the area that were on a company list, and 45 respondents will be the initial participants in the study by agreeing to a 90 minute interview.

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