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How long can an air conditioner last?

Maintaining an air conditioning system is the most important part of making your air conditioner last as long as possible. With proper ac maintenance, an air conditioner can last for decades. Furthermore, keeping up with ac repairs can help a family or business avoid large ac repair and ac maintenance bills, not to mention high temperatures. In addition, a properly maintained air conditioning system will run more efficiently, lowering energy bills.

Fortunately, the cheapest and easiest ac repair is one that you should do at least once every three months and you can do on your own. Cleaning or replacing the ac filter inside the house is an air condition repair that you should get in the habit of doing regularly. Clogged filters can slow the flow of air, forcing the air conditioner to work harder to suck in air.

After replacing the filter, get into the habit of periodically checking the condition of your outside unit. The simple action of removing any vegetation or foreign material around the condenser can save a person hundreds of dollars in air condition repair. When this material is allowed to collect around the air conditioner it can restrict the air flow path. This can make the machine work harder. Try to shade the outside unit with trees or an awning. This will improve the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner by allowing it draw in cooler air.

After taking these steps it is also important to have a licensed HVAC technician perform regular checks on the system. While these checks can cost some money up front, they are the key to avoiding large air conditioner repair bills in the future. When the HVAC technician comes to your house, he or she should perform several different checks and ac repairs.

To start, the technician should examine the fan belts that help to drive the fans on the condenser and blower. If the belts are worn out, they will need to be replaced. This air conditioner repair is relatively inexpensive, and can save thousands of dollars down the road.

After these belts have been checked, the technician should clean the condenser coils. While he or she is doing this, they should also check and straighten out the condenser and evaporator coil fins, if needed. Next, they should apply oil to all of the motor pieces and shaft bearings. Finally, make sure that the technician checks the condition of the insulation around the line that runs from the condenser to the compressor. He or she should replace any chipped or missing insulation.

Finally, the technician should check the level of Freon in the unit. Freon typically needs to be replaced anywhere between once a year to once every five years. This is a relatively cheap repair, but skipping it can cause the system to run hotter than is recommended. If this happens, many parts in the air conditioner could wear out quicker.

The key to making your air conditioner last as long as possible is to keep the whole system properly maintained.

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