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How lifelong learning can impact quality of life

Staying young while aging
Staying young while aging

It is a fact of life that all humankind will age, how one chooses to respond to the aging process is important to maintaining a good quality of life. Keeping up with reading and exercising one’s cognitive skills can help keep mental faculties sharp, allowing one to successfully function as aging occurs. Reading, working puzzles, journaling, and discussing or debating with another are positive ways to keep functioning at a higher level.

Even with disease or disability in one’s life, physical and mental functioning can be continued as one ages, allowing one to be actively engaged in life. A combination of avoiding disease and disability as much as possible, maintaining physical and mental functioning, remaining positive, and being engaged in one’s life represents a successful aging concept.

As this suggests, if one is actively involved in thinking and learning it would help to keep them engaged in their life by improving mental cognitions. And if one has the capability to think and learn, they will learn more about how to stay healthy and how to cope with disease or disability.

To be involved in looking at ways to maintain and improve health, it is also important to maintain a positive attitude that is required in maintaining emotional health as well as physical. The mind, body, and spirit connection is a very important concept. Therefore if one continues to learn and seek knowledge they will find just how their emotional health and their spiritual health, effects their physical health. And they will find ways to keep themselves as healthy as possible while being aware of the coming declines they may start to experience, being proactive in keeping a positive attitude while understanding what is within their control.

With a good mind and healthy body, as well as some sense of the universe and where they fit into all of it, one would be much more likely to remain engaged in life and therefore perceive life as good and their quality of life as high-quality.



  • Debbie Dunn, School Conflict Resolution Examiner 5 years ago

    Thanks for the very helpful article, Lin!

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