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How kids in Albuquerque can swim free in summer

Kid playing in the swimming pool
Kid playing in the swimming pool
Nelson de Witt:

Summers in Albuquerque are always hot, making swimming the perfect pastime for children out of school. Every year the City of Albuquerque provides several opportunities for kids to swim for free or little cost out of pocket. Regular prices to public pools are already on the affordable side, ranging from $0.25 to $2 for kids. Friday nights only cost $0.25 for each member of the family, no matter what age, but not valid at Montgomery or West Mesa pools. If the kids don't want to swim, but want to get wet, you might enjoy the Wells Park Spray Pad. See here for a complete list of prices for all city pools, including for adults, senior citizens, season passes and more.

There are also two ways for children to swim for absolutely free. Every Sunday in the summers, anyone 18 years and younger can swim for no cost at a CABQ public pool. Your family will have 4 indoor pools and 3 outdoor pools to choose from, including Highland, Sandia, Los Altos, Valley, Eisenhower, Montgomery, Rio Grande, Sierra Vista, Sunport and Wilson. Additionally, the city gives out free swim passes every year at Albuquerque substations and fire stations, Bernalillio County police substations and fire stations and KOB TV Studios. These passes are part of the Swim and Play Pass Program as a service to reduce the amount of injuries and harm that come from children playing in dangerous ditches or arroyos as recreational activity. Be sure to take advantage of these free passes as they are handed out at the end of May each year and quickly disperse.