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How Jaycee Lee Dugard was found: U.C. Berkeley Police describe Dugard's children Starlet and Angel


Pictures, photos, slideshows, and videos of Jaycee Dugard and daughters

Jaycee Lee Dugard private prison backyard photos, pictures, slideshow and video

Jaycee Lee Dugard: Private Prison backyard photos, pictures, slideshow, and video

While America rejoices at the return of Jaycee Lee Dugard and her two daughters, and awaits a glimpse of Jaycee today, or even to see a current photo or picture of Jaycee Dugard, one thing is certain. Jaycee Lee Dugard would not have been found was it not for the heroic bravery of two female officers working for the University of Berkeley California Police Department: U.C. Berkeley police officer Alison Jacobs and U.C. Berkeley police official Lisa Campbell. 

On Wednesday, August 26, 2009 both Phillip Garrido and his wife, Nancy Garrido were arrested and the true identity of Jaycee Lee Dugard was revealed. However, it was only due to the quick actions by Officers Allison (Ally) Jacobs and Lisa Campbell that the perpetrators were apprehended. Call it female intuition or maybe even a woman’s instinct, but both women state that when they saw the trio, Phillip Garrido and his two daughters, Starlet and Angel Dugard, something didn’t seem right.

Lisa Campbell states, “He had two little girls with him and they didn't look right. Monday, August 24, 2009, Phillip Garrido had visited Lisa Campbell in her office, approaching her for approval for a crusade he had planned. The event was to promote his group “God’s Desire,” and he told Campbell that the event would be huge and that the government would be involved. Observing Phillip Garrido and his two daughters, Starlet and Angel, she found him to be erratic and the girls sullen and submissive. Acting on bravery, intuition, and insight Lisa Campbell scheduled a second appointment with Phillip Garrido. She had scheduled for him to return to her office on Tuesday, August 25, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. She took his name and before he would return the next day, Officer Ally Jacobs had run a background check.

The background revealed that Phillip Garrido was a registered sex offender and on federal parole for the 1976 kidnapping and rape of a woman in Reno, Nevada. The rape occurred while Garrido was 25 years old. He approached a casino worker who was in her vehicle and asked her for a ride. She obliged and he duct taped her, drove her to a storage unit, and began to sexually rape and abuse her. A police officer working the area noticed the vehicle and suspected something amiss was happening. When he approached the door to the storage unit and knocked, he heard the woman screaming. Garrido had been sentenced to 50 years in federal prison for kidnapping and 5 years to life for rape. He made parole on August 26, 1988. Ironically, he was arrested on August 26, 2009 exactly 21 years later. It is also worth noting that he was on parole for 3 years at the time of Jaycee Lee Dugard’s kidnapping. With the background check information revealing the character of Phillip Garrido, Officer Ally Jacobs decided she would sit in the meeting when Garrido returned the next day.

Officer Jacobs described the appearance of Starliet and Angel as being pale, almost gray. She stated that they looked as if they had not had much exposure to the sun. She described the fifteen year old girl as standing in a peculiar position, stiff and with both hands on the front of her legs. She was looking up. Officer Jacobs said the 11 year old girl was staring at her with pale, bright blue eyes. Though they didn’t look malnourished she remarked on the younger girl’s look in her eyes. “It was like she was looking into my soul,” Officer Jacobs said. Officer Jacobs also stated that it felt like Little House on the Prairies meets cults with kids. She began to operate on both her police training and mother’s intuition; she says she started thinking like a concerned mom.

The two female officers began to ask the girls leading questions. They wanted to gain more information without alarming Phillip Garrido. Some of the questions included what grade they were in; their names, how old they were, and they asked the younger girl how she came about having a bump near her eye. The officers stated that their answers seemed rehearsed and that the girls mumbled when stating their names. During this time, Phillip Garrido was offering incriminating and startling information about himself.

Garrido was speaking incoherently and in an unorganized manner. He spoke about a book he had written “Origin of Schizophrenia Revealed.” He went on to discuss his previous kidnapping and rape convictions and then stated that he was doing God’s Work. After this ‘divine’ announcement, he grabbed hold of his 15 year old daughter and announced that they didn’t know any curse or swear words. The officers observed the girls’ body language when Phillip Garrido grabbed hold of them and felt they looked as if they were fearful of their father, their body language became stiffened at his touch.
Officer Jacobs had no basis in which she could make an arrest but when Phillip Garrido left, she made a phone call to his parole officer. She and the parole officer spoke on the phone

Wednesday, August 26, 2009. She explained the situation and encounter that she had with Garrido, Starlet, and Angel and recommended that his parole officer check in on him. She was quite surprised when Phillip Garrido’s parole officer informed her that Phillip Garrido had no children.

Later that day, when Officer Jacobs was driving home from work she heard the news that Phillip Garrido and his wife had been arrested. It was the next day that Jaycee Lee Dugard’s return became public headline news.

On Friday, August 28, 2009 the UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau released a statement. It reads:

Officer Ally Jacobs and Police Specialist Lisa Campbell displayed the intelligence, training, and professional intuition that are required of the best in police work. This week that commitment resulted in a breakthrough in an 18-year-old kidnapping, and more importantly, it provided the opportunity for two children and their mother to live a new life, one that we all hope will bring them a full measure of happiness.

Photo 1- Officers Ally Jacobs and Lynn Campbell- the heroic women who solved an 18 year old kidnapping case

Photo 2- Inside Edition photo of Jaycee Dugard's kids: Starlet and Angel

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  • Karl 5 years ago

    I'm not sure female intuition comes into play here, as the information provided, makes Garrido look like a complete psycho job. At best I'd say they should be acknowledged for doing good police work, that any good officer would be expected to do, male or female.

  • Dev Meyers National Cannabis Revolution Examiner 5 years ago

    Very compelling writing. These men move around so easily within our community. I have an intuition about one man in my own community. But until they really make a mistake - like showing up with 2 daughters - when they are on the record with their parole officer as having no children - they can move around freely. It makes me wonder who sets the priorities for Law Enforcement. Enough said. Great journalism.

  • Bob 5 years ago

    This is an informative, but not well written article. What exactly is the difference between a woman's instinct and female intuition? The officers showed great skill and professionalism, but "heroism" is pushing it a little far. Thanks for telling us this important side of the story, but please proof read your work.

  • MJ 5 years ago

    Great story about the good work of two women. I don't think it was female intuition, so much as educated observation coupled with the caring heart maybe only a woman can have.

  • Karl 5 years ago

    I'm not an expert on this whole woman's intuition and instinct business, but personally I believe there is a slight difference between the two. Intuition is more of a mental ability to perceive using awareness and sensitivity where instinct is more of a physical feeling, like the urge to protect your children from being threatened or harmed.

  • Mrs. Freeman 5 years ago

    Look it's so sad you people have anything negative to say about these two women. No officer in 18 years came close to what these women, mothers, officers, human beings, whatever you want to label them as did in two days. Two bad there is not more of them in the world and less of you. Shame on you!

  • Bridgette 5 years ago

    You people are horrible!! I am a woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, grandaughter, niece, and friend! I absolutely would call it mothers intuition, womans instinct, AND heroisim!! These 2 women saved the lives of these 3 girls! They should be given medals! They should get prompted, a huge raise, a months paid vacation, and more! But as all you women out there will understand, I guarentee they want NOTHING!! Their reward was seeing those 3 girls lives saved! All these nagative comments HAD to cone from MEN!! all of you need to think of something....what if this had have been your mother, daughter, wife, girlfriend, sister, etc! You would consider these 2 women only inferior to GOD himself! Because they saved someone you loved! I give both of you women great applause! You did a great thing!! And you will live the rest of your lives knowing that it was YOU!! Great job!!

  • Maria 5 years ago

    Excellent work by these two women, they deserve a lot of credit for pursuing their suspicions. It would have been easier for them to just brush it off, as a strange family, but to take the extra steps and put in the effort to dig deeper is exceptional!! They are heros to me, and I think her family and friends would agree!

  • Vicki 5 years ago

    Thanks for reporting the story of how these smart and intuitive women officers finally caught this person. It's so tragic that another woman neighbor called the cops three years ago and the responding officer didn't even check or know that he was a sex offender. All of these women are heroes.

  • Kevin 5 years ago

    Its funny when a man climbs a mountain, gets stuck, then is rescued days later after freezing his nose and fingers off everyone is quick to call him a Hero. Two women go beyond the call of duty armed with nothing more than training, experience, and keen observation skills and help end 18 years of captivity for 3 people and a few dimwits want the country to hold off on calling THEM Heroes. Anyone who thinks that any man or woman would have seen this psycho and his victims and just KNOWN what was going on is forgetting that none of the man's customers, neighbors, nor his parole officer suspected anything for 18 years!!! The two officers should be more than praised for doing what they did. Their actions are probably what prompted Dugard to seek help - someone finally noticed something was wrong and made Garrido very nervous. Everyone who encountered these people over the past two decades should be fined $5000 to be given to the girls to help pay for their recovery.

  • gerry 5 years ago

    i was looking for a story like this ,thanks for telling how she came to being saved..i wish there was more police officers like these 2 women..and how is it that his parole officer didnt know that he had 2 girsl posing as his kids? what is going on with our justice system with child molesters and rapists?.how do these people get out so easly?..we need to cut there units off after they commit a crime like this..pure scum

  • Lisa 5 years ago

    Thank God for Lisa Campbell who pick up that something was wrong and notified Ms Jacobs to confirm it... I beleive if Ms Jacob was by herself she wouldnt have pick up on it like all the others who came in contact with them said they appeared normal. But it was Ms Lisa Campbell told Ms Jacobs she felt something was wrong and Ms Jacobs confirmed it.

  • Shirley 5 years ago

    These two women noticed something that none of his neighbors or customers who had come into contact with him and the children ever noticed. They noticed that he was not only a nut job, but that there was something just plain weird about his relationship to the two children. They instinctively, whether it was mother's instinct, or woman's instinct or a police person's instinct (no need to split straws) followed their hearts and they are heroes in my opinion.

    I say give them both promotions and medals!!!

  • Regina 5 years ago

    Great job ladies. Thank you for saving Jaycee and her children's lives. I hope Garrido and his wife burn in hell.

  • renee 5 years ago

    There are some jobs that only a woman can do. Sorry guys but when it comes to sexual predators only women should be their probation officers. Women have a sense for this stuff, and won't fall for the "Guy Talk" bs.

  • renee 5 years ago

    ...only another pedophile would say anything neg about these officers. Trace'm.

  • Lusina 5 years ago

    Thanks ladies!!!
    Great job, you are the best!!!!!!!!!

  • chitra 5 years ago

    these 2 woman police are very efficient, extraordinary thinking, angels to those 3 victims. They should be rewarded

  • Steven 5 years ago

    Bob - two words: Lighten Up. Or how about, "anal much?"

    Charisse, our young journalist, did a great job.

  • Scheryl 5 years ago

    Some people know how to do their job!! Thank you so much for helping this family! Had it not been for the two Berkley Officer's Campbell and Jacobs who knows when this would have been solved!! Both you ladies deserve a lot of credit!!!!!!

  • Suzanne 5 years ago

    It's just way too bad that all police officers aren't that enlightened. Too bad that Officers Campbell and Jacobs weren't there the day my little 4 year old daughter wore not only the look and the face of the offended, but the out and out diagnosis by our family pediatrician that "She had been raped that morning!" Too bad our S.A.R.T. Law can contradict and put my daughter right back into the arms of her offender....and KEEP HER AWAY FROM HER OWN MOTHER! BECAUSE MOM WAS FINDING OUT THE TRUTH! At least some kids get a break.

  • MARY SHUMAN 5 years ago


  • Juney 5 years ago

    Just proves we need women in control of the system and write stiffer laws. It's truly women who care for the safety of women and children. Men have proven time and time again as they are the dominator in everything that they do not care about the safety of our women and children.

  • Shana Dines 5 years ago

    Great reporting, and I am so glad that they have been rescued. It is horrific that they have had to go through this for years because of the inefficiency of the parole officer and the police. Thank God for these women officers. I hope and pray that they can recover from this horror. I wish no women, children or people would ever have to go such abominations.

  • Angie 4 years ago

    God Bless you both. I am so happy you found them. I have a 10 year old girl and couldn't imagine someone could be that evil.