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How it feels to catch a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon X & Y

The first shiny Pokemon I ever caught
The first shiny Pokemon I ever caught
Philip Spadanuta

Have you played the new Pokemon X & Y? Have you played any Pokemon game at all? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you know the excitement that comes with starting a new Pokemon adventure. Receiving your starter Pokemon from a Professor, battling to become the very best like no one ever was, catching them all?!

No matter what way you look at it, Pokemon is a fun game to experience and will likely keep youngsters and old fans (like myself) busy for hours on end. Whether you're a collector of the little guys or just want to become a super strong Pokemon trainer and beat all your friends and family when they challenge you to a battle, you're accounted for.

There is one aspect of Pokemon though that many people don't really know about all too well and that's the idea of shiny Pokemon. What is a shiny Pokemon you ask? A shiny Pokemon is simply a Pokemon you find in the wild that is a color variant of the accepted normal colors of that Pokemon. For example a shiny Pikachu is more orange in color than yellow while a shiny Charizard is black with red wings.

Finding these shiny Pokemon is extremely unlikely and the odds to find one in Pokemon X & Y are 1 in 4096. Simply said they are very hard to encounter in the wild. Up until about a week ago, I had never found a shiny Pokemon (not even once) in the wild while playing through 7 different versions of the game.

That all changed in one quick instant while playing my version of Pokemon Y. I was in the Pokemon Garden East of Snowbelle City walking through some grass when out of no where appeared a shiny Gothorita. I could tell by the unmistakable blue stars that surrounded her as the battle started.

I stared at my 2DS's screen in disbelief. Did I really just find a shiny Pokemon? My heart raced as I thought for a long time about what move to use, so I wouldn't make it faint. I eventually got it's life bar down to about halfway before I started throwing Ultra Balls at it. On the second Ultra Ball I had caught my shiny Gothorita.

I leveled it up with the rest of my team and now use my shiny Gothitelle in battle. Instead of being black in color with blue eyes, she is dark blue with brown eyes. I couldn't be happier.

Finding and catching a shiny Pokemon is an experience like no other. I'm glad I was lucky enough to finally have one of my own. It's an experience I feel every Pokemon fan should have before calling it quits with the game.

Have you ever caught a shiny Pokemon? Was your experience just as exciting as mine was? Let me know in the comments section below.

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