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How is your police department dealing with modern crimes?

Cyber Criminals are conducting crimes in your jurisdictions.
Cyber Criminals are conducting crimes in your jurisdictions.
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Chicago, IL. Police departments in the US and around the world are getting their fair share of modern crimes. As the matter fact, these crimes 30 years ago were non-existent and most police departments are recently becoming aware that these crimes are crimes that are producing victims in their jurisdictions.

It is important to draw a clear distinction in the traditional crimes and these crimes that have become a real problem for communities all over the United States. These crimes, for example, were introduced after the Internet became the norm to transact your personal life and for the most part everything in the business world.

This article reveals some interesting problems you may have already faced. For example, your identity was stolen. The local police department takes a report and nothing happens. No investigation and no arrest.

What is worst, you get no feedback and not even a booklet on how to begin to repair your credit and your life. Sounds simple but it is not. A police department with a culture rooted in tradition from the 1960’s will ignore your claim and simply file a report that will never be investigated.

If you are not that good to move in the internet, you may never learn that 10 minutes from a trained police officer could have saved you months in agony trying to fix or even stop your credit from further deterioration. But no worries, the police department is there to serve and protect, except protect you from crimes you got yourself into in cyberspace.

But what could be considered modern crimes, you may want to know. Well these crimes include: Fraud, Deceptive Practices, Credit Card Fraud, Identity Theft, and Theft of Labor or Services.

If you want to get more technical, these are the crimes under Index II-D White Collar Crimes. A definition used under the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) guidelines by the FBI. Police departments are only required to submit the figures to the FBI from Index I.

While it is understandable that the smaller police departments would not put together a division that would handle these kinds of crimes, these police departments may or not be doing a good job protecting the community.

Policing has prevention, intervention, and investigation as three significant tasks that fill their day and week of most police officers. The crimes under Index II-D require a serious amount of prevention and intervention by conducting investigations and submitting the details on these investigations to the FBI or the agencies that are equipped to handle these kinds of crimes. IC3 is one place where cyber crime complaints can be filed by police and people.

Your local police departments today must be able to assist people in the community in protecting themselves i.e. prevention. The police should never ignore calls for service where the resident is calling the police because someone charged their credit card without any authorization.

Taxpayers are paying their taxes to have a police force that can help them when they become victims of a crime. It is not like the modern crimes are not in the Criminal Code. I stated that these crimes are part of the Index II crimes category, so they are crimes that must be handled by the police. So we can put to rest the excuses.

Likewise, an Identity Theft report is important for the future of the victim. The police must be able to provide the FTC booklet and ensure the victim has the adequate anti-virus in place and the computers or any mobile devices from the victim are safe for usage. Yes it may mean to go the extra mile. Why not protect the victim from future harm?

Today, police departments must be able to train at least 1 officer to become a cyber security expert. The victims of these modern crimes are being destroyed at least financially. While it is questionable how these police department will investigate these cases, two things can be done immediately: Prevent and Intervene.

A few minutes with the victim can safe several additional reports and countless hours from that resident trying to figure out how to stop the crime from taking place again and figuring out what to do to restore his or her credit.

If you have time on your hands, find out the number of crimes under the Index II-D White Collar Crimes that have been reported to your police department. Then find out how many of them were actually investigated and find out, while you are out doing this, what prevention and intervention measures are in place.

Policing today is not all about traditional crimes from Part I. Today, the modern criminal is going to take advantage of every opportunity.

A proactive and good police department will create the resources to assist the members of the community become better prepared to face any challenges that these modern crimes may pose.

A business dealing with financial troubles that becomes a victim of a modern crime when a $5000 dollar purchase was made fraudulent may put the business out of business. Residents and businesses must be able to depend on their police force to assist them.

While the police becomes aware that they are supposed to investigate all the crimes that take place to their residents, you are now more informed that in fact the police is actually supposed to investigate crimes in the criminal code i.e. Index 1 and 2. Ignoring the problem is not going to make it go away.

The modern crimes are here to stay. Is your police department prepared to handle them?

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