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How is the UTLA bureaucracy just like the LAUSD bureaucracy?

The truth about the teachers’ union leadership at LAUSD schools and the teachers’ union.

At many LAUSD schools, it can be very difficult to find a teacher to serve as Chapter Chair (teachers’ union leader). Sometimes a teacher with an ax to grind with the principal or a teacher with an attitude will take the position. Sometimes the Chapter Chair makes the waters rough for the other teachers.

There are meetings off campus to attend and they are not on school time. Teachers with problems come to the union leader to share and to vent. The leader is supposed to sit in with the school administrator and the teacher for a discussion of those problems.

And dealing with principals. Often, the campus teachers' union representative does not want to deal with the principal, as the dealing may come back to bite the union rep.

Some principals are so powerful, if not mean, no one wants to deal with them while serving as chapter chair. These principals can affect reprisals against the chapter chair with impunity.

From what I have heard, the local UTLA area representatives, a paid position, are not overly helpful to teachers having issues with principals. Just look at how UTLA doesn't bother to help the hundreds of teachers in teacher jails.

The bureaucracy of the teachers’ union mirrors the bureaucracy of the school district—the members of each bureaucracy are trying not to ruffle the waters in order to protect their P’s: positions, perks, privileges, and pensions.

Have you ever heard of a downtown bureaucrat returning to work at a school?

Have you ever heard of a union bureaucrat returning to the classroom?

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