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How is the health care reform bill going to affect health and nutrition activities in Columbus?



  • victorlowe 6 years ago

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  • Jason"Lil Huero"Madrigal 6 years ago

    It's an historic moment for all of us, as we don't have to live in fear being turned down by Health care Insurance companys because of our status. I love it that the Health Care Industry will have to pick up most of the tab for people to be able to have Health Insurance. And Why not they have been taking advantage of people for years and now it's people who are fighting back!


  • Synonomous 6 years ago

    I see for. Where is against?

    Both are required in any strong argument. If you miss half the issue and ignore it, half your listeners will do the same for you. If you give the other half of the story and point out its flaws, you gain where you have lost. Give the Doctors' opinions and then you have a strong argument. After all, aren't they losing money here? I could be wrong, but you haven't pointed it out. According to some, the Doctors will be losing money when they are required by law to give treatment to people who will never be able to pay them back. The Doctors may or may not have treated them anyway, but this issue stands. Doctors must now treat patients who take away from the time they could spend to help those they would actually make money from, people who need help, can pay for it, and can help put money into the pockets of the Doctors to take home and feed their own families. Yet they still need treatment.
    This comment is at least a third your article. How's that?

  • Melica 6 years ago

    I am glad for your reply Synonomous. My article is focused on the aspect of creating health activities in correlation to data received from hospitals, regarding the new bill. I wanted to show my readers how the bill would correlate with diet and fitness activities. The information you provided would be great for the overall perspective of the bill.

    Thank you for your reply.

  • Aya 6 years ago

    To Synonomous

    How are doctors losing money with this? If more people have insurance doctors will be paid for there very neccessary services. Currently, the uninsured are driving up costs. I think the people that are losing money would be the insurance companies.

  • Kali 6 years ago


    My first question for you is, are you a doctor? Doctor's are constantly losing money for individuals not paying their bills, which are not only due to the uninsured, but insured individuals also. What's wrong with universal health care? People and organizations stress how important it is to change and change is inevitable, well start preparing for that change. The U.S. spends more 2 trillion dollars on health care costs; however we are among one of the top countries that has the worst health. You ask, how can this be? Greed that's how. Also, what gives insurance companies the right to deny the american people health? It is these gatekeeper methods that puts people into powerfuly positions of being able to decided what's wrong and what's right.

    Also the plan is geared toward prevention methods, which previouslay, insurance companies would rather pay for the disease and not the prevention methods.

  • Mocha 6 years ago

    Who made man did. I think everyone should have the right to healthcare! Really, give me a break. Did President Bush even try to? Sheesh! Thanks for the post!

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