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How is Hamas manipulating the world’s view of the Palestinian people and Israel

 Hamas terrorist
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Fact, Hamas is a terrorist group. Terrorist groups are normally a smaller force than their intended victims so they employ psychological warfare. Terrorist groups are experts at manipulating facts to justify their own agendas. Terrorist groups will distort a situation in their favor to make people sympathetic to their cause. This is how a terrorist group operates. They must if they are going to survive. This is exactly what Hamas is doing now.

Hamas has always been the one to viscously strike first at Israel. They mercilessly launch missiles into Israel over and over again at various defenseless civilian targets, until Israel is forced to take defensive military action to protect its civilians.

But why would Hamas want to distort the facts and have us and the world see the situation differently? Why does Hamas want us to forget that they target defenseless civilians in their war of hate? Why does Hamas want us to forget that they are the aggressors striking first without provocation?

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