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How is Facebook affecting your relationship?

Is Facebook affecting your relationship?
Is Facebook affecting your relationship?

If you ask individuals if they are on Facebook nine times out of ten they will say yes.

If you ask some of theses same individuals if they are in a relationship and if their relationship has been affected as a result of Facebook in a lot of cases the answer would be yes. Why is being on Facebook an issue in some relationships?

When it comes to Facebook for some individuals the idea of having as many followers as they can is the ultimate prize.

In order to accomplish this some people will allow anyone to become a friend on their page, all the person has to do is ask.

As a result of allowing anyone to become a friend if a persons significant other is a follower on their page they will see who is and who will become their significant others friend. Depending on the two individuals involved in the relationship will determine how they handle knowing what their significant other is doing. For some individuals seeing what's going on their significant others Facebook page can become a problem.

The problems arise when one person has a issue with who is being accepted as a friend. If it is a male then he may have an issue with his significant other accepting other males. If it is a female then she may have an issue if her guy is accepting other females as friends. If the point is to get as many followers as possible then why should it matter who is being accepted by whom?

When it comes to the issues behind the problems as a result of Facebook the reasons can vary. One of the reasons can be trust. Since every relationship is different each individual has to look at their relationship and figure out their issue.

The bottom line, if Facebook is affecting your relationship in a negative way then you may need to reevaluate if you need to follow each other. If the issue is trust then why be be in the relationship with someone you don't trust?

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