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How is America prepared to prevent acts of terrorism?

Al Qaeda has been using magazines to publish their messages for years.
Al Qaeda has been using magazines to publish their messages for years.
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This question is raised prompted by an article in Al Qaeda magazine “hinting” of looming attacks. This report comes from Lisa Daftari, Fox News, who is an apparent subscriber.

“Lisa is a first generation Iranian American. She was born in New Jersey to Sean and Simin Daftari. Her father is a physician and college professor, and her mother has a background in language and accounting. Her parents are Iranian Jews who met in United States and married in Iran. She grew up in Bergen County, a suburb of New York City, the second of four Daftari children.”

She received her masters degree in broadcast journalism at the Annenberg School of Journalism at the University of Southern California.

Her report says that Al Qaeda magazine instructs in bomb making and suggest targets in Las Vegas casinos, oil tankers, and military colleges. These targets may be considered soft ones, but in each instance there is a level of security, some greater than others. Their high visibility holds much publicity value for terrorists, just as was the Boston Marathon.

If terrorists want make a mess and if they don’t mind being martyrs in the process, there are an infinite number of ways that they can do that in the United States and the free world. The trick is to stop them in their tracks through prevention.

The first line of defense is metadata mining. The government intelligence community sweeps vast amounts of data employing algorithms that sniff and sift out terrorists. That is controversial because innocent citizens may get sniffed and sifted along the way. That is the price of security, and people having nothing to hide have no worries so long as adequate procedures are followed.

Another simpler method is common sense. Common sense is on very short supply. When applied it says don’t let immigrants into the nation who come from Chechnya and who have been active in terrorist activities there, even if it is against Russia.

Don’t accept immigrants who have nothing to offer to strengthen and improve the competitive workforce. Keep an eye on people with suspicious backgrounds or, common sense says turn them away.

The common sense immigration policy principle should be, don’t accommodate immigrants for which America doesn’t have the capacity to manage and from which there is no overwhelming advantage.

In the instance of Lisa Daftari and her family, America benefited from approving the immigration of her and her family.

USA Today had a story a couple of years ago on this subject. Their theme is consistent.

"Al-Qaeda using magazines to spread message

By Mona Alami, Special for USA TODAYUpdated 4/20/2011 1:18 AM | |

BEIRUT — Leafing through Inspire magazine, one finds glossy, high-quality pages, articles in English on the Middle East uprisings, interviews with al-Qaeda enthusiasts and a do-it-yourself feature on how to handle weapons and bombs."

“Al Qaeda magazine hints of looming attack; urges bombing of Vegas, military targets

By Lisa Daftari
Published August 28, 2014

A new English-language Al Qaeda magazine features a how-to article on making car bombs and suggests terror targets in the United States, including casinos in Las Vegas, oil tankers and military colleges, and implies that an attack is imminent.

The online publication, called “Palestine-Betrayal of the Guilty Conscience Al-Malahem” and put out by the media arm of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, calls for Muslims around the world to follow “the recipe” provided to set off car bombs in crowded venues. It includes a timeline of "selected jihadi operations" that the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which first flagged the slickly-produced latest edition of the terror publication, finds chilling.

“The timeline concludes with the date 201?’ and blank spaces and question marks for the photo and information of the next attack -- implying that it is coming soon.” said MEMRI Executive Director Steve Stalinsky.

There is a suggested list of targets for lone-wolf, or individually executed, terror attacks, including New York's Times Square, casinos and night clubs in Las Vegas, oil tankers and trains, the Georgia Military College, the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, and General Atomics defense contractor in San Diego.

“This recipe gives you the ability to make a car bomb even in countries with tight security and surveillance,” one article reads, before providing a “shopping list” of supplies needed to make such a bomb, including cooking gas, oxygen gas, a barometer, decoration lamps and matches.”

Lisa Daftari is a Fox News contributor specializing in Middle Eastern affairs."

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