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How Intuition Affects Love Life

Some people believe in psychics and others do not. There is a saying with love and in life in general always follow your gut.

Intuition plays a big role on love. You can get a feeling when something is up. For instance your boyfriend is hanging around his neighbor's more than usual. She is blonde and skinny. He tells you they are just friends but you have a feeling that he is sneaking around behind your back. Your gut feeling might be telling the truth.

Then there are times when you just have to let things go. For instance if you have a dream your boyfriend is going to break up with you. Just because you had a dream does not mean it will happen. Maybe it could be that you were fighting or you have not been getting along well lately. Other times it is just a dream. If you go around accusing him of something then most likely he will break up with you.

Intuition has a huge affect on one's love life. It could make or break a relationship. You should always listen to your gut but then there are times when you shouldn't. Maybe you feel this way because you were hurt in the past and read into too much. If you just have a feeling but no legit evidence and everyone tells you that everything is fine then everything is fine.

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