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How intense of exercise is too much for weight loss and much more

High intensity workouts do not mean success
High intensity workouts do not mean success

Many of us have watched The Biggest Loser as well as many other weight reduction shows and programs through our social media which has put a complex on our society in regards to exercise, making us feel that we must exceed the speed with high intensity workouts that will give us the cut body that we are looking for. Going to your group fitness classes at your health club and partaking in your media exercise classes, you will see that they are there to tell you how many calories you will burn, but you will only really burn a fraction or maybe half of the calories they state because everybody’s metabolism is different. There is no guarantee on how many calories one can burn during an exercise as it is not known what kind of calories the individual is taking in versus going out, meaning, healthy eating and exercise versus taking in unhealthy foods and not exercising.

However; properly losing weight is not done by working out in high intense workouts, as this is a gimmick to get you to buy many fitness corporation work out videos, but rather by learning the proper method of using aerobic or cardiovascular fitness at a low to moderate heart rate is all that is needed with a good duration of time along with a simple resistance or weight training program that will help break down the body fat and build muscle. Aerobic activity is when during cardiovascular activity, the body sends oxygenated blood out to the tissues to burn body fat as long as the exercise heart rate is not too high, and weight training will help in toning and building more muscle, which will raise the metabolic rate for burning more body fat. Remember, you do not have to play the media game in trying to lose weight but stick with these few simple rules of eating well, moderate heart rates for long durations of cardio, and good weight training that focuses on the whole body for weight loss, and you will see even better results in more laid back way versus the high intense way.