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How innovators think, act and change our world


One of the most well known rules for writers is the ‘Show, don’t tell’ rule. Kim Chandler McDonald’s new book Innovation: How innovators think, act and change our world embodies this maxim. In Innovation Kim doesn’t just tell you how to be more innovative; she shows you 100+ people who are already doing it.

McDonald's expert insight from years of interviewing these people you will:

  • Get the inside track on how to survive in today’s competitive, global digital economy
  • Grow your business by learning how to incorporate innovation friendly practices into the way your company operates
  • Change the way you work and think which might just lead to a new invention, a more efficient way of working
  • Develop a better understanding of what it takes to be more innovative in the words of innovators themselves

Three core axioms infuse this book:

  1. innovation drives change –cultural, societal and economic
  2. innovation, in some form, touches each and every one of us, wherever we may be, as individuals, communities and societies as a whole
  3. innovators deserve recognition, celebration and applause

In the book, the author introduces you to innovators who have broken the mold, led the pack, and moved their own particular mountains in fields as diverse as business and technology, engineering and education, government and social policy, media, medicine and more.

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