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How innovative leaders drive exceptional outcomes

Out Think
Out Think

From CEOs to marketing departments, company leaders are searching for ways to stand out, grow brand awareness and stay competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

G. Shawn Hunter explains in his book how leaders can transform their business and move from being a part of the old “Information Age” to becoming a game-changer in the new “Creative Age." The book is:

Out Think explains how companies need to build new capabilities, new risk thresholds, and social ecosystems that foster emerging behaviors that lead to competitive advantage.

This book is about the importance and power of engaging ourselves in our work, connecting with the people and world around us, and deviating from convention to reliably create innovative value in the new age," said Hunter.

Through interviews and collaboration with thought-leaders across industries, Out Think gathers guiding methods that have been proven valuable for successful leaders and organizations, no matter the state of the economy.

The book's 12 chapters are titled:

  1. Marketquake: Moving beyond Arrested Decay
  2. Trust: Establish the Engine of Leadership
  3. Inquiry: Provoke with Questions, Not Answers
  4. Exploration: Go to the Woodshed
  5. Aspiration: Dream Well -- You May Find Yourself There
  6. Edge: Embrace New Kinds of Risk
  7. Connection: Collaborate to Innovate
  8. Mash-up: Borrow Brilliance
  9. Action: Get Moving or Accept the Consequences
  10. Signature: Make It Your Own
  11. Purpose: Connect with "Why"
  12. Sustaining the Innovative Mindset
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