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How Increasing Your Self-Esteem Increases Your Bottom Line

We hear from everywhere that if we just learn that one right strategy, create the perfect look for our business or take one more class that our business will grow, we’ll get rich and all will be well. Now, I’m not saying these aren’t important. You do need to think about your brand image, hone your skills and have a great plan. However, in order for any of that to work for you, you first need to feel great about being you.

Lately, I’ve found myself advising women who ask me how to improve their business results, to start by focusing on increasing their level of self-love. Confidence, self-love, self-esteem – whatever you want to call the feeling inside of you that says that you are a good and worthwhile person NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS – is the key to success.
If you want your business to prosper, spend time getting to know yourself. What do you like? What is special about you? What are your interests? What makes you feel good? What do you believe about the world, people, the universe, etc.? Get to know you and think about how you can deepen your relationship with yourself. Especially, take action to show yourself (and others) how much you love and respect YOU.
Along with this, accept (and embrace) that you are in charge of yourself, your life and your results. You get to decide the clients you work with, the work you do, what you charge, etc. You are an amazing and powerful creator and anyone who works with you is fortunate. This isn’t about being arrogant or elitist, it’s about simply KNOWING that you (and everyone for that matter) and unique and amazing with tons to offer the world.
As you treat yourself in this way, you will feel the powerful shift in your energy and others will too. That’s when you really get to experience the levels of success you are destined for.


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