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How important is turnout for horses

Horse care
Horse care
Deborah Simpson

Even though it's getting cold outside in a lot places, doesn't mean your horse should stay where it's warm and cozy indoors. Turnout is one of the horse care basics, along with good hay, plenty of fresh water and hoof care. Your horse might actually wait to be let in at the stable door when the weather is bad, or its meal time. Horses are healthiest and happiest outdoors in their pastures. There are a number of reasons why your horse should be outside as much as possible. Although many horses will clamor to come into a stable during nasty weather, it’s important that they live outdoors as much as possible. Sometimes keeping your horse confined in a stall is necessary, such as when a veterinarian prescribes stall rest. But, for the most part, your horse should live outdoors. Here’s why turnout is so important for your horse’s health and well-being. Thank you for reading. Your comments are welcomed. Please select the subscribe option at the top of this article to receive articles by this author directly into your email as they are published. For more information about horses contact: