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How important is readability testing

How important is readability testing in online marketing? There are several schools of thought on the subject. How important is readability to Google? We will be examining both of the above questions:

How important is readability to Google
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1. How important is readability testing in online marketing?

2. How important is readability to Google?

How important is readability testing in online marketing?

Readability is important, but there are several factors in considering just how important readability really is. I've helped an Orlando advertising agency as an SEO partner. We worry about every element that goes into a proper advertising or SEO-approach for every project. There are cases where a low readability is more acceptable:

a. Certain offline content (Here's why! The general public who posts and share often make grammar and spelling mistakes)

b. In your face advertising, being silly with graphics.

You find out your article's readability by doing a readability check. It's simple. There are many free SEO and marketing tools on the market.

Firstly, readability should always stay within the 60 and 80 percentile. Because of the decline in reading most of the US are 6-7th grade level. A site that requires being above the standard readability level are generally university level sites, i.e. Legal, etc.

  • Who will be reading the material? There is a standard demographic for most sites. The demographic is usually the 'general public'. So it's the general public you should be writing for and not the occupational attorney or professor who may be reading it.

How important is readability to Google?

  • Marketing to the proper audience is important. is a great article to read concerning readability.
  • Google measures readability first by text and second by the page layout, colors, white space, ease of reading. Short sentences, bullet points vs. long, drawn out verbiage or paragraphs. When testing the readability of text keep in mind that the readability will raise if placed on a nice looking page. Yes readability is important to Google.

Blog posts, page text, all need at least a 60% readability test score. If the test score is lower than 60%, then the blog posts or pages need improvement and re-indexed. Once the blog posts are improved for readability the site will fair better with Google.

How important is readability testing? Very important! Whether you are selling pots and pans or wheelchair vans your audience is still the same. A general audience Most sites want to attract a general audience of readers. For this reason you do not want to write at university level. Besides, university level requires technical writing with Roman numerals. I'm not even sure what a Roman numeral is (smiles).

Take care and keep me posted with questions you may have. Online marketing is always changing.

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