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How important is a healthy rib cage and the muscles attached to them?

Our rib cage is the basket in which holds the diaphragm muscle, allows it to expand and gives us to room to breathe and take in oxygen. The intercostal muscles are the tiny muscles that weave in between the rib cage and give the basket stability and mobility so it can move up and down with each breathe. We need these muscles to help expand our chest and breathe. Client's who have shallow breathe, have restriction in the intercostal rib cage and the diaphragm. It is noticeable in the way a person holds their posture.

The next groups of muscles that can affect the rib cage are the muscles which hold down our rib cage and are located in our back. The paraspinal, illocostalis and erector’s muscles help us stabilize our spine and rib cage so we can stand up right. Mobility and functional muscles are the keys to having the ability to rotate and flex the hips without pain. When the muscles are pulled to one side of the spine, it causes us to compensate and pain develops. The right side of the hip has been causing my client pain and his mobility is compensating across his hips, creating weakness in both hips.

When he lifts one hip off the floor while his left foot is in a sling (Redcord exercise) the imbalances in the hips are more pronounced. If he bends to touch his toes, the hump on his back is apparent and the spine and hip must compensate to create the movement but it isn't functional. When other groups of muscles have to join in the dysfunction, it creates havoc in the nervous system. He wasn't able to touch his toes nor sit for long periods without causing pain but it is changing since I released Trigger Points and his deep fascia. When the correct assessment and treatment protocol, the client can be rid of pain and muscle dysfunction then his workout with Redcord can create balance again.

If you are reading this and are curious about your posture, pain or mobility problems, let me help you assess what's going on and what treatment protocol I can suggest to you to fix the problem. Shout out to me at


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