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How I predicted Yelp's new video business profile feature

As most of my readers know, back in September 2013 I launched an awesome mobile video app platform. Part of the revenue strategy I came up with had to do with allowing businesses to upload video profiles so that people could tour their establishment before actually showing up. If you look at my business plan from back in September of 2013 regarding this feature here's what it said exactly word for word:


We have future plans to include restaurants, bars, clubs, movie theaters, event halls, malls, to incorporate local businesses into the mix. By doing this, members can make plans through the app to meet in person, and get discounts in the process by participating businesses. We will charge businesses to be involved in this program, and we have already received a positive response from talking to businesses. This will engage a much larger user base than the traditional dating apps out there.

Businesses can have their own profile videos, so that members can get a sneak peek of what the business is like before going. For example, after two matches have connected, another option besides chatting is choosing an establishment to meet at. Establishments would have their own “profiles” as well, that users can scan through and watch their videos. Establishments would have the same options as members and their profile would also be short, but different, mostly focusing on the type of place it is (bar, restaurant, type of cuisine, music, etc.) and the price range, days / hours, etc.

Once a member suggests a location, the other member can choose a time for them to meet. We could also offer discounts through the app for the establishments. And of course the establishments would pay a monthly fee to have their profile on the app and be available to reserve tables, etc. Also, we plan on linking to Ticketleap or Eventbrite to allow ticket purchases for events through the app as well, and we can earn a percentage of the ticket sales. This way, a male member can buy two tickets to a concert for a female member he is going to take out on a date through the app.

This future enhancement could help us continue to help members even after they have created a relationship. This way we won't lose our members, but in fact will help them continue to make plans together as a couple.

Now that Yelp has launched this new feature, it has validated a part of our business model. So I can safely say that at some point in the future, one company I could see us partnering up with would be Yelp. Thank the Lord for API's!