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How I overcame my fear of not having enough money

"If you want to feel rich, just count the things that money can't buy." ~Proverb

In my life, money resembles my dating life. When I want it, it's not there and when I don't need it, it comes from everywhere, even from sources I'd forgotten about!

The reason money gets in my way is because I let it. I give it power over every choice I make. What has helped is this cool little trick I learned from The Launch Coach. He basically makes you brainstorm the numerous ways in which you could possibly get the money you need at any given time. Maybe I'll have to work extra hours at work, not dine out for awhile, go to the salon every nine weeks instead of every six weeks. Or maybe, I'll ask for it from a trusted friend with a solid plan on how I'm going to pay it back (and it's in writing!).

Having this mindset is so enormously freeing. I don't trip out as often and if there is something expensive I want, I know that I have several ways in which I can get the money. Whether or not I am willing to actually do what I need to in order to get the money...that's a totally different story!


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