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'How I Met Your Mother' 'Vesuvius' recap: Living in his stories

'How I Met Your Mother' season 9 "Vesuvius"
'How I Met Your Mother' season 9 "Vesuvius"

The Monday, March 3 episode of "How I Met Your Mother" seems to put a check mark in a certain theory concerning The Mother, as "Vesuvius" sees Ted and The Mother in 2024 reflecting about a story they both know as Barney has trouble picking out his wedding suit.

This "HIMYM" episode begins at the inn in 2024, with Ted and The Mother realizing they've told each other all their stories, officially making them an old married couple, which they love. They're adorable, it's sweet, and Curtis is still working at the inn and they seem to be old friends. But then Ted realizes he does have a story The Mother doesn't know: when Robin broke the lamp at the inn.

Robin broke a lamp playing hockey with Katie the day of her wedding, but Lily insisted they move on to activities more suited for the day, so Katie disappeared at the cheesiness of a "Barney & Robin Lovers Forever and Ever and Ever, a Love Story" scrapbook and wasn't seen again until the end of the episode. The scrapbook was filled with photos and receipts, and while Lily had the wedding-appropriate squeal reactions, Robin was more excited when she realized the inn had "The Wedding Bride Too" on Pay-Per-View, as was Marshall when his wife tried to get him to see her side about Robin not having a freak-out moment.

Yes, Ted's friends promised they'd never watch the movie, and yes, they watched it. However, Marshall hopped on the "this movie never should have been made, let's sue" train when the character of "Narshall" appeared, and the movie was soon forgotten when Lily decided to try to get Robin to react by putting on a wedding dress she had brought with her so she could ask Robin to use her photographer to retake her wedding photos with Marshall without his bad haircut.

(But the Mother knows this story too.)

Meanwhile, Ted saw Barney sneaking into a room and paid Curtis to tell him who was staying there. He went to confront Barney about "Susan Tup" only for Barney to be in a room full of suits – "Sue Tup"="Suit up" – and he can't choose one. He'd had one tailor-made, but when he put it on that morning, it was uncomfortable. After they go through every one of his suits and eliminated them because of what he did in them and Barney even began talking about enlisting so he could get married in uniform, Ted made him put on the suit he'd had made. He told him it felt weird because it was new, but after he talked him through picturing the ceremony and the reception, Barney realized it was the one. (Then came the rack of belts.)

When they joined the others, Lily explained that while it was Barney and Robin's wedding day, it was also the last time they'd be together for who knew how long, with Ted moving to Chicago (yes, by that point, everyone knew). Instead of talking about it, they left it to enjoy being together, and that meant turning back to the movie. But Ted had already seen it, and while Barney tried to make "Narshall" a thing, they just brought "Swarley" back. Then Robin got a nice surprise when she ran into her mother in the hall. Yes, her mother came for her wedding.

That's where the sad part comes in, as in the future, The Mother's not surprised because "what mother misses her daughter's wedding?" That's when Ted begins to tear up, and between that and The Mother's earlier comment, "You're the love of my life, pooh bear. I just worry about you. I don't want you to be the guy who lives in his stories," doesn't that seem like confirmation that The Mother's dead when Ted's telling their children these stories?

"How I Met Your Mother" season 9 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS. What did you think of "Vesuvius"?

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