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'How I Met Your Mother' season 7: revisiting Ted and Robin

How did it go?

We've known for a full week now that "How I Met Your Mother" was going to venture back into Ted / Robin territory during this epsiode, but what we did not expect was seeing the overall half-hour to have the sort of emotional resonance that it did.

So what ended up being the standout moment this time? There were really a number of interesting flashbacks, allusions to past events, and even hints at the future:

  • Ted and Robin did not end up getting back together, and it does actually appear as though they could be over for good this time. It also appears that Robin is also not going to be heading back down the Robin road soon, thanks largely to the fact that she made her choice.
  • The B-plot with Marshall and Lily was hilarious, mostly in that they have been secretly betting on just about everything Ted and Robin have been up to over the past couple of years.
  • We love how authentic the show made all of its references this week from the past, in addition to seeing the blue French horn and the yellow umbrella after so much time.

Finally, one last thing worth nothing -- if you were really paying attention, you probably saw Conan O'Brien in the bar. He won the role as a part of a charity auction.

What did you think of how the show treated Ted and Robin this time?

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