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‘How I Met Your Mother’s’ Bob Saget; Will he get to deliver the last line?

‘How I Met Your Mother’s’ Bob Saget; Will he get to deliver the last line?
Photo by Andrew H. Walker

With the final season of “How I Met Your Mother” winding down over the next few weeks, it seems likely that many loose ends and story lines will get wrapped up, not the least of which will be how Ted met the mother of his children. According to Spoiler TV on Jan. 25, one of the issues still unresolved is whether or not Bob Saget will get to deliver the last line of the show.

Saget has been doing the voice of the older Ted Mosby since the beginning in 2005. It his voice in the scenes where Ted talks to his kids and in Ted’s voice overs during the episodes. Since he is the one who opened the first show and almost every show since, it seems fitting that show creators and oft-times writers Craig Thomas and Carter Bays would write the ending in such a way that Saget gets to deliver the last line.

In an interview, here’s is what Saget said on the matter:

"It would feel to me like that would be the coda they put on it," Saget says. "It's an emotional thing -- again, it was a silly gift of a job that I love doing, but it's the show that's so wonderful. ... You kind of have to buy the who's-he-in-20-years premise of it. People have been very kind and not outraged -- 'How dare they use not his voice!' It always felt natural to me, and they thought it felt natural, which I was honored by."

What do you think? Should Bob Saget get to deliver the last line of series as “How I Met Your Mother” sails off into the sunset? Or should it be another cast member? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

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