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‘How I Met Your Mother's’ 200th episode revealed how the Mom met Ted

‘How I Met Your Mother's’ 200th episode revealed how the Mom met Ted
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The show runners have rewarded patient fans with an exceptional 200th episode of “How I Met Your Mother” which left us teary-eyed and emotionally spent. According to E! Online on Jan. 27, the milestone episode, entitled “How Your Mother Met Me,” focused completely on the mom.

Cristin Milioti did a fabulous job of filling us in on what the future Mrs. Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) has been doing for the past nine years. It was touching and enlightening and filled in many of the story gaps as promised.

The Mother has been living a life equally crazy to that of Ted and McLaren Pub’s gang, even running into some of the same people and running jokes. For example, the night Ted met Robin, which was the same night Marshall proposed to Lily, The Mother was turning 21. She and some friends celebrated at a different McLaren’s across town while she waited for her boyfriend Max to arrive. She later learned that Max had died.

Still grieving two years later, her friends force her to go out for St. Patrick’s Day. This is where, as all true HIMYM fans know, she left the yellow umbrella. Mitch, the guy we all know as “The Naked Man” tried his signature move on her, too but she had the good sense to turn him down.

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