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'How I Met Your Mother': Robin receives advice from two sources

Robin will get very cold feet when it is time to walk down the aisle.
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

There are only two more episodes left of "How I Met Your Mother." Robin will play a huge part in the next episode. It is her wedding day after all. Not only will she have doubts about marrying Barney, but Enstarz revealed on March 22 that she will meet the woman that will become Ted's wife. Spoilers Guide also shared a sneak peek for "How I Met Your Mother" episode 9x22 titled "The End Of The Aisle."

This week's episode will have one major moment. Robin and Ted have always been close, and it makes sense that she would meet his future wife so late in the game. However, the way she will met The Mother is interesting.

The Mother will offer Robin some advice when the doubts almost take over. Robin is ready to leave the wedding and Barney behind. This moment between Robin and The Mother has been teased as life-changing. In case you were wondering, The Mother's name really has not been revealed yet, and Ted won't meet her until the finale.

The sneak peek for the episode shows Ted giving her advice as well. He goes on about love how 'it is the best thing we do' as people. It isn't supposed to make sense, but her and Barney make sense together. The clip ends on that sweet note.

What do you think? Are you ready for the wedding day on this CBS series?

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