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'How I Met Your Mother' gets spin off featuring married gay couple

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There is little questioning the success of “How I Met Your Mother”. The hit show has attracted millions of fans, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Not surprisingly, many fans have been pushing producers to make a spin off for the series. Well according to a Feb 2 report by Perez Hilton, this is about to happen, and gay rights activists should applaud the decision.

While reports are just starting to surface, there are a few key points about the spin off that have been made public. It will be centered on a female narrator, Sally, but this is not the most interesting part of the announcement. In the show, Sally’s gay brother, Danny, is married to another man named Todd. Additionally, the two men will be central characters in the show, and this means that they will probably be in almost every episode.

What do you think about the show’s decision? Will the conservative outcry about traditional family values hurt or help the show?