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'How I Met Your Mother' 'Gary Blauman' recap: Remembering

Josh Radnor as Ted, Alyson Hannigan as Lily, Jason Segel as Marshall, Taran Killam guest stars as Gary Blauman, Neil Patrick Harris as Barney, and Billy Zabka as himself on "HIMYM"
Josh Radnor as Ted, Alyson Hannigan as Lily, Jason Segel as Marshall, Taran Killam guest stars as Gary Blauman, Neil Patrick Harris as Barney, and Billy Zabka as himself on "HIMYM"
Ron P. Jaffe/FOX/CBS

The Monday, March 17 episode of "How I Met Your Mother," "Gary Blauman," sees the gang recounting their various good and bad experiences with Gary Blauman and Ted and The Mother's date hitting a possible snag.

The "HIMYM" wedding weekend continues with Gary running into Robin in the hall and wishing her luck, leading to Robin calling a "Code Red!" when she sees Marshall. She didn't know he was coming, so she doesn't have a seat for him. Marshall, as the seating chart master, says he'll take care of it, and that leads to others chiming in with whether they love or hate the guy – and whether he should stay.

Ted hates the guy. A few years ago, when he was obsessed with Teddy Roosevelt after reading his biography, he and Gary got into a battle of wills over a girl who thought he was cool too at a party.

Lily loves Gary. He stopped her from getting a big mistake tattoo in 2006 when she and Marshall had broken up, so because of him, she only has half a butterfly tattoo instead of a Sugar Ray tattoo.

Barney loves that they have the opportunity to destroy Gary's weekend by kicking him out of the wedding. He growls and punches a hole in the wall before telling the others that he stole four of his fries once, including an accidental curly. And no, he couldn’t have just ordered all curly fries because of reasons.

William Zabka (because why not?) loves Gary because he's the only one to ever recognize him for his poetry.

James hates that he once thought he loved Gary. He had an affair with him, and Tom found out and threw him out. (Ted just focuses on the fact that that means that he and not the girl was the prize at that party for something or other.)

Judge Marshall rules since Robin turned to him for help, and he declares that the higher law at every wedding means that when the bride asks for something, she gets it. They can't argue with that, but they do have to stop Gary in the parking lot because Barney told him that Zabka would kick him in the face if he didn't leave immediately. However, Gary leaves, but not before telling James to stop blaming him for his own decisions and the group that they won't see him again. That's a lie since he does come back.

Because it's the final season and there are only two episodes left after this one, we get a really quick recap of what happens to some of the recurring characters. Carl remains behind the bar, which becomes a family business. Jeanette gets arrested and sent to counseling, where she meets Kevin and they end up together. Ranjit gets rich and owns the limo service. Patrice gets her own radio show giving advice. Zabka gets recognition for his poetry and a medal for literature. Zoey pops up every so often on the news supporting a cause. Scooter marries Jasmine. The Blitz misses out at a slot machine. Blah-blah's name is Carol. Sandy Rivers' inappropriate behavior ends his news career in America, so he travels overseas to harass people on air. James convinces Tom to take him back, and their kids are lucky and only have to sit through a one-sentence "how I met your father" story.

Wednesday 8 p.m., 3 days after the wedding

Ted and The Mother meet for a date, which doesn't go as planned since the Scottish-Mexican fusion restaurant he picked has live music and they both decide to look elsewhere while he tells her the story of Gary Blauman. However, when she sees her ex-boyfriend, she pulls him behind a car and explains it was a bad breakup...on Saturday. She really likes Ted, but it's too soon for her to be dating.

That doesn't mean he can't walk her home and finish his story – especially after she's the one who calls him back and he doesn't give an embarrassing speech, confess his love and scare her off when he first leaves her at her building. When they say goodnight after the story's over, she kisses him, and instead of going upstairs, she asks if he wants to walk around more. He does, but he takes a moment to stop and watch her, "remembering this," he explains when she questions his behavior.

"How I Met Your Mother" season 9 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS. What did you think of "Gary Blauman"?

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