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'How I Met Your Mother' first look: See Barney and Robin's wedding pictures

See the first picture of Barney and Robin's wedding.
See the first picture of Barney and Robin's wedding.

On March 13 TV Fanatic shares the first look of "How I Met Your Mother" wedding photos.

It's been a much anticipated moment this season that was bound to happen, and now we can see a snippet of it. While the sweetest photo is of Barney and Robin stand at the alter, there are others that show just how nervous Barney is. Barney never thought he would get married, and almost married a stripper at one point, but that fell through.

In the photos, Lily and Marshall stand by while Barney signs what looks to be a prenuptial agreement, then they have disturbed faces after a shared high-five.

When Barney sees the empty church, he is definitely surprised and likely scared. Until he saw his bride walk up the aisle. The photos are very tasteful and sweet and will make you wish it was the big day sooner rather than later.

There is still a lot of speculation as to whether or not there is going to be a mystery death, or if Barney will actually say "I do." The season finale, and last episode ever of "How I Met Your Mother" will air in a one-hour special on March 31. Will you be watching?