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'How I Met Your Mother' finale: What about the pineapple incident?

Cristin Milioti
Cristin Milioti
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Tonight was the big series finale of "How I Met Your Mother." The show came to an end, but fans are really upset they never explained the pineapple incident. On March 31, Bustle shared about what had fans so upset. This all started back in season one episode 10.

Josh Radner
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

If you remember this one, Danica McKellar ended up having a one night stand with Ted. He actually thought that it was Robin at first but then found it it wasn't her in the morning. A pineapple was left behind and he had no idea where it came from and has always wondered about it.

A lot of fans are upset that they didn't explain this and are talking on Facebook about it. Show creator Craig Thomas did admit that this news might still come out. He said, "There may be a few mysteries you think you’ve seen the last of, but there might be a little something later. Without giving too much away, we toyed around with creating a little video to be released sometime after the series finale to sort of pay off one last little thing." More than likely something like this would end up on the DVD.

"How I Met Your Mother" aired the series finale on March 31, but there is still no word about the pineapple incident. There is also an alternate ending that fans have made and you can check it out at this link.

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