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'How I Met Your Mother': Craig Thomas teases finale time jump

Ted Mosby will meet his wife on Monday's night HIMYM.
Ted Mosby will meet his wife on Monday's night HIMYM.
Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images

"How I Met Your Mother" is getting ready to end its run on CBS, and fans are now being given their first teaser for the series finale. On Tuesday, Jan. 21, TV Guide shared new comments by Craig Thomas, and he offers some new details for the big episode. The series finale is titled "Last Forever."

During the episode, fans will see a time jump. Barney and Robin will have their moment, and then the series will jump to the future to show what happened to everyone after. Thomas teased the following:

We're a very time-jumpy show, so you will see a lot of the future and where everyone is in the end.

He would not reveal when the end was though. It is just in the future of present time. Thomas also revealed that the script for the finale had not been written yet, but the final minute or two of the series is already planned.

With the finale set to air on CBS in March, work should begin on the final episode shortly. All that is needed is the script. On Monday night's episode, Ted Mosby, who is played by Josh Radnor, will meet his future wife for the first time.

What do you think? Are you ready to jump ahead in time to see how everyone is after this long weekend featured in season nine is over?

"How I Met Your Mother" will continue to air on Monday nights on CBS.

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