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'How I Met Your Mother' alternate ending to be released with box set

"How I Met Your Mother" ended nine seasons with a finale that upset even some of the most loyal fans. In response to the backlash, on April 5 Entertainmentwise reported that an alternate ending will be released for "HIMYM" fans to enjoy.

In case you're one of the many "How I Met Your Mother" fans who can't believe the show ended in such an odd way, soon you can pretend it never even happened. Instead, "HIMYM" fans can purchase the boxed dvd set when it is released and skip to the alternate ending.

Many fans were left in shock and disbelief when their beloved show ended. After nine long years of build up, many were sad that they really only got to know the mother for about 20 short minutes. When after all that time, the mother ends up dying and Ted Mosby ends up with Robin, many didn't know how to feel about the ending.

One thing that has been left open would be two potential story lines in case of spin-off shows. In the final episode, viewers learned that Robin and Barney had children and then divorced. Ted Mosby, now a widower, realizes that his real true love was always Robin. A spin-off following the post-divorce life of Barney could potentially be a show in itself. Robin and Barney could also document their life together since realizing they were meant to be together all along. In both cases, the show doesn't have to be over if the producers want to keep the characters alive in other shows.

Does the outcry over the surprise ending of "How I Met Your Mother" mean that the series failed the viewers? Quite the opposite really. This is one of the rare cases when a television sitcom ends a very successful run while they are still on top. The fact that so many people had such a strong opinion about the ending of the series means that it was actually quite successful.

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