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'How I Met Your Dad' picks up Greta Gerwig to star

Greta Gerwig
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

"How I Met Your Dad" has picked up a new actress. On Feb. 12, MSN shared the news that Greta Gerwig has been picked to star in this show, but she will do a lot more than just that for the show. She will also be producing and possibly helping to write the show too.

She plays a character by the name of Sally. She sounds like a fun character who never really grew up at all and just enjoys life. Sally has been married less than a year and a split is already coming. Of course her friends will help her out with this one.

This show will be similar to "How I Met Your Mother" but it has an entirely new cast. You will notice that nobody is the same, the stories are different, but it is the same concept. It will be about a couple and how their lives started just like the show "HIMYM" is and CBS has done really well with it.

Greta Gerwig is known for her performance on "Frances Ha." She also just did a movie that is called "The Humbling." She should be a great addition to the cast.

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