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How I got punked by women millionaires and liked it

A nice little bookmark I received at my conference.
A nice little bookmark I received at my conference.
Shay Banks

Ever have a 'Come to Jesus' talk with someone? This is not something you do every day. It is a special smack-down occasion designed to shake the crap out of a person who is doing something severely wrong. It is the ultimate verbal "Do this or else" speech.

If done properly, one 'Come to Jesus' talk should suffice.

Two will probably get the job done perfectly.

If you have to go a third time, then it's time to have a 'Come to Jesus' talk with yourself. If they didn't get it the first two times, they aren't gonna get it the third.

I received a 'Come to Jesus' talk this weekend. Actually, it felt more like I was getting beat up in a boxing ring and I lacked the quickness and skill to beat my opponent. I got bitched slapped with words that hit me so hard I could do nothing but ball my eyes out.

Long story short: I got beat up by women millionaires.

And I liked it.

I liked it because A) I want to be just like them and B) they told me the truth. That's all a 'Come to Jesus' talk is, telling the truth with mucho grande cajones. It's one of those "I don't have time to play with you little girl. Either you do this or you don't. I don't care. But you certainly should."

That struck me harder than a hammer hitting a nail. I should care enough that I'm willing to step up and grow. Not grow on a small scale, but really GROW. Instead of going from point A to point B to point C, find a way that I could jump from point A to point C. Navigate through an ugly phase like it was a piece of cake. Take my forward momentum to places I'd never gone before and places I'd never thought I reached.

The conference ended with this message: Write the vision of your dreams big enough on the table so that the people passing by, even if in a hurry, will see it.

When I started writing for this site 18 months ago, I had no idea the end result. I still don't.

But I know that I love writing. It is the thing I can get lost in time doing. But I was not committing myself to it. I wrote when I had the time instead of making the time to do what I love. The minute I began writing more consistently (which began back in August, remember??) and sharing it with others (via social media and my blog), my viewership increased immensely.

I'm floored by the results.

After this conference, I realize that even though I've been sharing my dreams with more people and I'm making strides towards being a full-time writer, I've been doing it on a small scale.

It's time to step my game up.

Especially if I want to be like those women millionaires. Who do you want to be like? How can you get there? Let's strive to answer those questions over the next 24 hours. Share your comments  with me below.


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