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How I got out of a fix

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Remember that time you ran out of cash and wouldn’t be getting paid for another week? How about when you overextended yourself, thinking a client check would arrive predictably on time so yeah go ahead and send that rent check off. That’s exactly what happened to me after nearly 15 years. When it became clear that my usually prompt account wasn’t going to come through on time, I started to panic. How to explain to the landlord? What did I have to pawn or sell so I didn’t have to call her? Should I risk appearing pesky and call the client? They’ve always been reliable and I don’t want to risk sounding desperate. I’m was in a pickle. I folded and sold by beloved bike.

How I got the client to scramble

I called up the client and prefaced the conversation with asking how business was and for any feedback from the last project. She was generous with her feedback and I continued to pat HER on the back for its success. We chatted about the economic downturn and how difficult it is these days to get new business as well as maintain regular account activity. I expressed that I, too was experiencing a ghost-town of activity and had time on my hands to work on just about anything. I asked if she’d heard of anyone looking for geek help and low and behold she did - a guy she met at a conference right here in my home town. She offered to speak with him and pass on my credentials. She also mentioned popping into her accounting office to inquire about my invoice. Of course I thanked her profusely and said I’d follow up a.s.a.p. when I received payment and/or when the referral checked in with me.

See? My freaking out only stole valuable time from me getting on the phone and bringing up that uncomfortable conversation. It somehow turned into ‘me gushing over you’ and you breaking a leg to help me out.

Lesson learned

From now on - no more whining and self-loathing. Make the call, connect with the powers that be - the people that CAN make things happen for you.

I sure hope my bike is still at the re-sale shop.