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How I became the No B.S. Specialist

I remember being cursed out by a co-worker simply because I walked by and said hi. He cursed me out like I had slept with his girlfriend, took his money, and was threatening to kidnap his beloved car. What did I do? I ran to the bathroom and cried. I stayed there for an hour because I was too embarrassed to even face my other co-workers who saw the curse out event happen.

I've been in traffic situation one too many times when I was trying to get over into another lane and the car behind me sped up super fast so that I couldn't get in front of him. Rather than give him the bird like he deserved and finagled my boo-hiney right in front of F-150, I idled alongside him until he passed up far enough for me to get behind.

I've had guys walk up to me and a group of friends and completely ignore that I was there. Not even a "hi" or a "how ya" doing courtesy.

I've even had boyfriends come back years later asking for a second chance and I gave it to them. Why? I wish I could blame stupidity, but it was more than that. I needed them in a way. (It took some time to realize that)

I've been a doormat, I've been masochist, I've been the girl that thinks everything is her fault (from boyfriends cheating to friends dumping me for not joining their limited belief system), I've been the cheerleader to schmucks who only care about themselves, and I've felt guilty for things as small as changing the channel during a infomercial that is telling me to give money to help starving kids in third world countries.

That is, until I began getting real about me and my life as it was showing up. I challenged myself to do nothing but be a ballsy honest chick for a day, just to see what would happen. What happened? Well, I became the No B.S. Specialist. Anytime my friends asked me for advice, I spoke the truth and served it straight up with no chaser. Anytime I found myself being a victim to circumstances or I found myself making excuses, I began getting real with myself. After 5 years of being an unofficial No B.S. Specialist, as of today, it is official.

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