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How I am voting - Oklahoma 2014 GOP Primary

There will be many people who disagree with my selections, for one reason or another. I have successfully angered many in the Liberty Movement, as well as in the Conservative Movement. I hope those in the Establishment are continuously irritated with me, or I am failing. Some things to note:

These are the people I will actually vote for. I am not endorsing anyone as the member of any organization, or holding myself out as the representative of any particular organization. For those of you who don't know me, I have at various times been considered a far right conservative and at other times a radical libertarian. I believe in Liberty, specifically, and the Constitutional Republic, generally. I believe power best serves the people at the lowest (local) level. I believe you can't have limited government with a giant welfare (BOTH individual AND corporate) state - or a giant warfare state. With that in mind, my motto is:

"Limited Government, Maximum Liberty!"

Here we go!

Governor - I will be voting for DAX EWBANK. This is beyond an easy vote. As Dax has said, he is not afraid of your liberty. I know him personally as a man of great faith, conviction and eloquence. He believes the job of the Governor is to govern the government, not the people. In contrast, Mary Fallin is a tremendous disappointment. She has been forced to do things she didn't want to do (Medicare expansion, Common Core) in response to great public pressure. Vetoing the 3rd grade reading bill (HB2625) was unforgivable, as was her vote for TARP (the Troubled Asset Relief Program) in 2008. The TARP vote was a betrayal of her oath of office. She should never hold office again, just for that. Easy vote.

Superintendent of Public Instruction - I will be voting for JOY HOFMEISTER. This is also an easy vote, but not because I know her or have even vetted her much - she is not Janet Barresi. Barresi was someone many of us supported in 2010, and we looked forward to reforming the office she now holds. Unfortunately she bought into a big business/big government marriage from hell (Common Core) and is going to ride it right out of office. There are a number of other issues that indicate we need new leadership in the State Department of Education, but that is enough. Easy vote.

Insurance Commissioner - I will be voting for JOHN DOAK. I don't know his opponent, but I am happy with the efforts made and job accomplished by Mr. Doak. He volunteered to speak at a number of rallies I helped organize around the state this spring (Stop Obamacare Penalties Now, or STOP) and explained the impact of this horrible law. Easy vote.

Corporation Commissioner - TODD HIETT will get my vote. His personal history is one of standing up to the government when needed, to the point of political activism that carried him to the position of Speaker of the House. Opposing him is a politician (State Senator Cliff Branan) that voted for the National Popular Vote - a horrible bill that never should have passed the State Senate (and anyone who voted for it should be voted out of any and all offices - there are 28 GOP Senators that did). In addition, he blocked bills that would stop Agenda 21 from being heard by his committee. Easy vote.

US Senate (full term) - I am still kicking this one around. Senator Inhofe will no doubt win in a resounding fashion, and he has a very conservative record. I am a big fan of his work exposing the global warming fraud. He has, however, been in office for a very, very, very long time. When I was in DC in 1993, he was a Congressman. He became a Senator not long after that. That is too long in DC, for anyone. I am strongly considering a protest vote for Mr. Erick Wyatt, for this reason. I think 12 years is long enough for anyone to be in the Senate, and Senator Inhofe will hit 20 years in 2015 (if he wins...).

US Senate (unexpired term) - I will be voting for RANDY BROGDON. Brogdon has a solid 93% conservative rating, which is about 20% higher than his opponents. More importantly, he does not have the baggage of hidden donors and suspect loyalties that one of his opponents has (TW Shannon). He also stands strong for the 4th Amendment, unlike the other major opponent (James Lankford). Any time this much money flows into a campaign from outside groups, and from DC groups, you should question who those strangers and people in the shadows are supporting. With Brogdon, we would have a champion in the Senate that would surpass any Senator we have ever had in the fight to restore the Republic - and I am including Tom Coburn. Easy vote.

US House of Representatives, 5th District - I will be voting for EITHER MIKE TURNER or HARVEY SPARKS. I think Turner has been willing to go out on a limb to do the right thing - he is a risk taker. He has not always succeeded, but he has, at times, and that is important. Too many Congressmen play it safe and we need people that will challenge the status quo - he will do that. In a similar vein, I believe Mr. Sparks has the same sort of temperament - a willingness to do the right thing and go against the crowd. He has not had the experience in office Mr. Turner has, but he has been on the Congressional staff of Congressman Bridenstine (easily the best one of our delegation).

One candidate that I don't have a positive or negative view on is Patrice Douglas - some people I know like her a lot, some dislike her a lot. She is the neutral one for me in this race.

The others are a clear "no" vote. Worst on the list is Clark "Common Core" Jolley. Not a chance I would vote for him - if you add up the number of bills he has killed in the Senate Appropriations Committee, his disgusting campaign two years ago where he attempted to destroy the character of a good man to win re-election, and his position on Common Core, I would be very happy if his career ended soon. Steve Russell talks a good game, but he missed a tremendous number of votes while a State Senator, going on his book tour. I witnessed him answer for this in front of a crowd and his answer was pathetic. He stated he needed to earn a living for his family. Well, that's nice, but the voters of his district elected him to do a job, and if you miss 768 votes you failed to do it. That does not mean he missed all his votes - he voted for Common Core three times. Shane Jett stated at OCPAC that he thought Tom Cole would make a good Speaker of the House. Sorry, but you just lost my vote. This is by far the hardest election to pick, and I am still UNDECIDED.

State House of Representatives, HD 82 - I will be voting for KEVIN CALVEY. Over the last several years, I have gotten to know Kevin and his family. He is, without a doubt, one of the most honest, ethical and knowledgeable candidates running for office this year. His record is phenomenal - go look it up. While I don't always agree with him, I usually do. This was truly a no brainer - I have no comment about his opponents, but would encourage them to stay involved in the political process. Easy vote for me.

I would strongly encourage anyone reading this article to research all candidates at the Oklahoma Constitution newspaper. They create and publish an excellent index of voting, so you can figure out where the votes say the candidates stand. After all, what they say is frequently not what they do!

EDIT - I have been alerted that advertisements are showing up for candidates that I do not support. Please ignore those - in particular those for Stephanie Bice, State Senate 22. I support MARK THOMAS and encourage anyone who can to vote for him. He is a personal friend, and will make a phenomenal State Senator. A third party has been advertising for Mrs. Bice (whom I do not know).

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